Personal Injury
Automobile or trucking crashes, including being injured by a DWI/DUI driver. Exposure to dangerous products, such as asbestos or pharmaceutical drugs or devices. Injury because of an unsafe product or premises. These are but a few of the ways in which individuals are injured in our society.

Unfortunately, litigation - actual or at least the threat of it - is often the only way to hold wrongdoers accountable. If you have been injured through the negligence or misconduct of others, you may require an attorney, especially when the other side is “lawyered up” to avoid responsibility. This is particularly true in cases involving any bodily injury, as medical providers and insurance companies (including both health insurance and auto insurance) routinely create procedural and legal hurdles to avoid fully compensating you for your injuries.

The vast majority of civil lawsuits never make it to a jury. Mediation - whether it is “facilitated negotiation” or an open dialogue between the parties and their lawyers - allows litigants to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome outside the courtroom It can be cost-effective by avoiding expensive litigation costs and lengthy appeals, and also allows parties to find creative solutions that may not be available in court. Half-day and full-day mediations are available, with a sliding scale fee schedule.

Legal Research & Writing
Mr. Kharod has written hundreds of legal briefs that have been filed in Texas trial and appellate courts, as well as state and federal courts across the country. Please contact us if your firm requires short-term assistance in drafting (or responding) to pleadings, including motions for summary judgment and trial briefs. Due to ethical concerns and to avoid potential conflicts of interest, we cannot accept research and writing assignments from defendants in personal injury litigation or their insurance carriers.